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The King is here! Stephen King Film Series set to debut at Cinerama on August 30

What can you say about Stephen King that hasn’t been said a thousand times before? The enigmatic writer has produced hit after hit in his illustrious career, with all originating in the noble form of the written word.

Penning over 60 novels, King has become synonymous with horror/sci-fi/psychological thrillers and is arguably the preeminent force in those respective genres. From his first published novel, 1974’s Carrie, through timeless classics such as Cujo, Thinner and The Green Mile, King has certainly made quite the name for himself.


Where his work takes that next step however is on the silver screen, and boy do we have a selection of some of his classics coming your way at Seattle Cinerama.

Starting on August 30, Cinerama will play host to the Stephen King Film Series. We’ll have six straight days of King pictures starting with, as he did in his career, the one and only Carrie. It will be, of course, the 1976 version. Really get things going with a bang.

While we don’t have The Shining or Shawshank Redemption (due to licensing difficulties…womp womp), which are widely considered two of his strongest, we hit on some of his most powerful efforts that follow his initial foray Carrie.

Creepshow, Dolores Claiborne, Misery and Stand By Me follow closely and provide the impetus for the rest of the series that is absolutely filled with classics from the King of Horror. The full lineup can be found below with the series closing on September 4 with 2017’s IT Chapter One, which not-at-all-coincidentally falls the day before IT Chapter Two comes to Cinerama.

Be prepared for an extra treat at the theater for Chapter Two as we’ll have a number of ‘decorations’ adorning various areas of Cinerama. Should be a sight to behold.

For now though, seat yourself and lay your eyes on what’s coming to our Stephen King Film Series, in all its spooky and delightful detail:

  • Carrie (8/30; 5:15pm)
  • Creepshow (8/30; 8:30pm)
  • Dolores Claiborne (8/31; 1:00pm)
  • Misery (8/31; 4:45pm)
  • Stand By Me (8/31; 8:00pm)
  • The Green Mile (9/1; 2:15pm)
  • Needful Things (9/1; 7:00pm)
  • Maximum Overdrive (9/2; 5:15pm)
  • The Dead Zone (9/2; 8:30pm)
  • Pet Sematary (1989 version, 9/3; 5:15pm)
  • The Running Man (9/2; 8:30pm)
  • Christine (9/4; 4:45pm)
  • IT Chapter One (9/4; 8:00pm)
  • IT Chapter Two (9/5-9/19)

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