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More 70mm coming at you with the second part of our popular film series opens

One week just wasn’t enough.
70mm film projection is something we take very seriously. It’s, in a lot of ways, the gold standard. Director’s love it. Our audiences love it. We love it. Simple, really.
After a very successful first part of our yearly 70mm Film Series, we decided that more was in order. Another full week of the best in big screen projection. We know, we know, it’s pretty great news.
Headlining this part of the series are a couple repeat fan favorites, some fresh classics for this year and a couple new titles in the mix as well. Here’s how the lineup is looking:
Starting with the Alfred Hitchcock classic Vertigo on Friday (11/1) night, the series brings back Quentin Tarentino’s 2019 smash hit Once Upon a Time in Hollywood for two prime-time shows on Friday and Saturday (11/2), with a screening of The Untouchables sandwiched right between.
The real highlight of the series is the Christopher Nolan double-feature to close out the series on November 7. World War II epic Dunkirk opens the evening with a second screening of Interstellar rounding out the series that evening. We are jazzed for Interstellar, everyone. You'll want to read this to get you in the mood.
Want to know the full rundown of films hitting the projector this time around? Look. No. Further.

  • Vertigo, 11/1, 5:15pm
  • Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, 11/1, 9:15pm
  • The Untouchables, 11/2, 3:00pm
  • Once Upon a Time in Holly, 11/2, 7:00pm
  • It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, 11/3, 1:30pm
  • Interstellar, 11/3, 7:00pm
  • Malcolm X, 11/4, 7:00pm
  • Vertigo, 11/5, 7:00pm
  • Lawrence of Arabia, 11/6, 7:00pm
  • Dunkirk, 11/7, 5:15pm
  • Interstellar, 11/7, 9:00pm

  • Cinerama Announces 70mm Film Festival Schedule

    Cinerama is thrilled to present the full film schedule for its 70mm Film Festival, taking place between Friday, Sept. 9 and Monday, Sept. 19. Ticket sales for the festival will begin on Monday, Aug. 22 and include titles such as Apocalypse NowThe Sound of MusicAliens, and Patton.

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  • 70mm Film Festival menus at Tom Douglas restaurants

    Palace Kitchen, TanakaSan & Cantina Leña will be combining their love of cooking, bartending and film by celebrating Cinerama's 70mm festival with cocktail and food specials during the entire party. Find more information at for more information.

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  • Cinerama Announces 70mm Film Festival

    Calling all movie buffs! Cinerama is excited to announce our 70mm film festival happening Sept. 9-21. We’re currently finalizing a stellar slate of films that must be seen on our big screen. Check this space for full lineup and ticket sales info soon.

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  • Experience Star Trek at Cinerama and EMP Museum

    Cinerama and EMP Museum are boldly taking you where no one has gone before. Present your Cinerama ticket stub for Star Trek Beyond at EMP Museum’s box office to receive $5 off general admission to Star Trek: Exploring New Worlds. Additionally, present your receipt for Star Trek: Exploring New Worlds at Cinerama to receive a free large popcorn. Tickets are now on sale for Star Trek Beyond at and for Star Trek: Exploring New Worlds at

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