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Turn the page towards IT Chapter Two as the reimagined Stephen King classic floats into Cinerama

It all ends here.

From September 5-26, we’ll be screening the epic conclusion to one of the most popular (and terrifying) films in years: IT Chapter One as the sequel IT Chapter Two opens at Seattle Cinerama.

That’s right, folks…everyone’s favorite demented clown, the one and only Pennywise, returns to the city of Derry, Maine to terrorize the Losers Club all over again. Set 27 years after the events of Chapter One, this Andy Muschietti picture has been receiving rave reviews for being just as scary as the first, while providing the endless drama and thrills that made its predecessor so successful.


The Losers Club, featured in Chapter One during their adolescent years, have all grown up and returned to Derry and you guessed it, that pesky Pennywise wasn’t quite finished with them. Led by McAvoy and Chastain, the gang is joined by Bill Hader, Isiah Mustafa and more. Will the grown up Club be able to keep Pennywise at bay? Well, you’re just going to have to come see the movie with us to find out.

Did we mention it’s scary? Yeah, it’s scary.

Luckily for you, we’ll be taking this opportunity to…decorate…Cinerama in Pennywise’s honor and have a number of spooky things planned for the run of the film. Because you know, the movie itself isn’t spooky enough on its own. There will be some oohs, some ahhs and a few holy s**t moments, all to help get you the mood to sit down in those big red chairs and hide behind your fingers for the nearly three hours of Chapter Two.

So float on down to our lovely theater on 4th Avenue and prepare yourself for an adventure that has been 27 years in the making. IT Chapter Two, now playing at Cinerama.

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  • Uber Offers Free ‘First’ Ride to Cinerama

    Hey there, Easy Riders. Need a stress-free way to get to Cinerama? Look no further. New Uber users can redeem the code 'CINERAMA' and receive $15 off their first ride. You don’t have to worry about finding parking, and can also enjoy our beer, wine, and cider responsibly. Plus, you never know who may be picking you up!

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    Film buffs and fantasy fanatics are in for a treat, as Cinerama will be showing two upcoming films—Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and The Hateful Eight—in a special 70mm format. The rare, high-quality format uses frames that are larger in size with a wider aspect ratio, creating a crisper, brighter and more high-definition picture. 

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  • Eight Days of Oscar Returns to Cinerama

    Beginning Friday, February 19, Cinerama will screen all eight best picture-nominated films in anticipation of the 88th Academy Awards. The theater will feature one movie per day, with multiple show times to choose from. The marathon will conclude with Three Dollar Bill Cinema and Gay City Health Project's 11th Annual Academy Awards Party on Sunday, February 28.  The event will benefit both local nonprofits. Advance tickets to all screenings of nominated films are now available here, while tickets to the Annual Academy Award Party can be purchased through Stranger Tickets. Don't miss this opportunity to see the past year's best films at Seattle's most epic theater! Full schedule after the jump.

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